Dr. Wallach Cancer interview

Back at the turn of the century, 1895, 1900, 1 out of 10 Americans developed cancer.  Right now it’s 3 out of 5, and by the year 2050, it’s projected 2 out of 3 people are going to develop cancer in America.  The onset of cancer appears to be directly related to the amount of carcinogens, these are toxic waste, either from agriculture, or from the industrial waste that we find in our air and our food and in our water and in the dust around us.  And the lack of ability to defend against these carcinogens.  And the most common defense mechanism that we have, the one that we have access to in a very economical way, are the anti-oxidants, like Selenium, like the grape seed extract, like the green tea.  You’re looking at Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene and avoiding fried food and margarine and things we have control of.  Eating as much organically grown food as possible.

According to the medical school at the University of Arizona, this came out in JAMA, the journal of the American Medical Association, Dec. 25, 1996, I mean we are talking about a great Christmas gift to the American people,  they did a wonderful study, 10 years, it was a double-blind study, 1300 people, they gave the study group 250mcg, which is one quarter of one milligram, we’re talking an itsy bitsy amount of Selenium.  They just added Selenium alone, didn’t change anything else, and by giving these people 250 mcg. of the trace mineral Selenium, they were able to reduce the risk of esophageal cancer by 71%, prostate cancer by 69%, greater than two thirds, colon and rectal cancer by 64%, almost two thirds, lung cancer was reduced by 48% whether you smoked or not.   In a parallel study from The University of California, San Diego, 250 mcg, one quarter of one milligram, reduced the risk of breast cancer by 50-80%, and the same study showed that if you already have cancer, if you take 250 mcg of Selenium everyday, you will, in fact, double the natural history life-expectancy of a particular type of cancer.  For instance, lung cancer, the natural history is about a year.  Brain cancer, is less than a year.  Uterine, ovarian, colon, breast cancer is two to five years. Prostate cancer is two to eight years.  Well just by taking 250 mcg of Selenium everyday, you can double that life-expectancy just by doing that one thing.

And so if you take the other anti-oxidants and give up margarines and fried foods and sugar and caffeine and avoid as many of the agricultural waste and toxic waste from the industry that you can, you will be able to avoid an enormous amount of cancer.  And if you already have cancer, doing other things, such as takingshark cartilage and the anti-oxidants, and getting on macrobiotic diets and so forth, you can add many healthful years to your life.  You can certainly have a better quality to your life, and many people will extend their lives in a great way, ten, twenty, thirty, forty years.  Obviously there is no way you can look in somebody’s eyes and say “you’re the one that’s going to live 50 years”, and so people just have to do all the right things and they’re going to get the best that can be gotten from nutrition and the supplements.

Source: http://www.kingmaker.net/healthierlonger.html#5

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