This is so true. Once you cleanse your body from all the sugar you can’t stand it any more.

I mostly during water over sodas and such. They are way too sweet, besides being bad for you.

We stopped frying food and broil or bake instead for a way more healthier and most time way more tasty than the fried counter part. Yes it take longer but we’ll worth the effort.

I work on a third floor and use the stairs every day. Little changes like that makes a difference.

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Eating healthy sucks! I’m just going to call it how I see it and how I feel. You might be thinking “wait, is the post really going to be about how much eating healthy sucks?” The answer is no, but it does. It’s why a lot of people don’t it. It’s not fun, but it’s important.

I used to eat like shit. Fast food, more fast food, and I would sprinkle that with more fast food. McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Arby’s, Wendy’s, and other shit places. Why? Because it’s easy and cheap. That’s why. It’s why so many of us continue to eat fast food. Not to mention it tastes good.

Eating healthy is expensive. My grocery bill every week makes me cringe. You know what else makes me cringe? The thought of eating McDonald’s. Once I adapted to eating healthy it became enjoyable. It was hard as hell at first…

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