Best Selling Author Patrick Quillin Talks About Nature’s Pharmacy

Video Transcript: Best Selling Author Patrick Quillin Talks About Nature’s Pharmacy

Dr. Patrick Quillin: The planet earth is one of the greatest pharmacies ever invented. And we’re ignoring most of it. We go down to the drug store and spend $280 billion a year on prescription drugs in this country. According to an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association, there’s 140,000 Americans each year who die from the on-label use of prescription drugs. That means following doctor’s prescriptions − 140,000!

That means that somewhere around the 3rd leading cause of death in America [is] using drugs that may be useful, oftentimes are toxic. Try nutrition first. In many cases it can solve the problem.

Ty Bollinger: Thank you Dr. Quillin. You mentioned clean foods. So I’m going to take a break here. I’m going to eat a little bit of a clean food. This is a mulberry that you just gave me from your yard.

Dr. Patrick Quillin: Yes, rich in phytoalexins. Anti-cancer to the maximum.

Ty: That is good. I’ve never had a mulberry that’s that shape. Why’s it so long?

Dr. Patrick Quillin: There are several different types of mulberry trees. That is a Pakistan mulberry that you just had. And I have an Oscar mulberry too.

When I was trying to select fruit trees… first of all, I live in California. It’s a desert. We have a water shortage. We have a particular water shortage this year with the drought. Why would you water something if you can’t eat it? That doesn’t make any sense to me.

So I’m watering just the fruit trees. Among those are fruit trees that are high in nutrients. One of the sound bites I mentioned is, Go for the color.

In the color—in those pigments: the red, orange, yellows, dark colors. Mulberry is a dark purple color. What you have is Mother Nature has sunshine coming down and hitting the chlorophyll and the chloroplast, and it’s through photosynthesis making sugar. And from that comes all of life. That’s the beginning of all life on earth.

How does the plant protect itself from the damaging effects of sun? Because you’ve got both sunlight that is mutagenic, carcinogenic. It’s all kinds of—it’s a damaging X-ray. How does a plant protect itself?

About 20,000 different bioflavinoids and about 800 different carotinoids are in colorful fruits and vegetables, and they protect the plant from the sun and from the effects of photosynthesis.


Given that, I was choosing fruits and vegetables that would be not only tasty and not readily available in the stores. For instance, figs. Figs don’t travel well. That’s why most people don’t find them in the stores and most people, including myself, the only figs I had had while living in the Midwest was Fig Newtons.

But in fact in figs is not just a delicious taste, but there’s a phyto-chemical. Phyto means plant. Chemical is a substance in it. In figs, a substance ficin, which the National Cancer Research Institute has been researching. Hoping to find a synthetic analogue so they can make a patented drug. Meanwhile, you have access to that through figs.

It’s a powerful anti-cancer. Bioregulators. This is where it really hits me Ty as to how powerful nature is. And I’m hoping that I can infect the viewers with a sense of respect for what God has given us and the good Mother Earth.



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