Suzanne Somers Reveals Her Weird Trick to Stop Sugar Cravings & Starve Cancer


Suzanne Somers: I have another visualization that I do with the GI tract, because what most people have is an imbalance of the GI microflora. And the bad pathogens have overtaken from the toxins because of a lack of peopleunderstanding the necessity for probiotics. Anybody who has ever had antibiotics probably needs to replace probiotics for life. You know, anti takes away, pro puts back. This makes sense to me. It’s all simple.

So, now, how do I control strong desires to have sugar and carbs, because don’t we all like them? They’re good.

I envision the little bad guys in my gut that would like to overtake the good guys and create havoc. I do not have leaky gut right now. I know what it feels like because I have had it. And interestingly, I had it before cancer. So let’s connect those dots.

When I get tempted – because I have this ice cream shop down the corner that I love ice cream and I love cake.

Ty Bollinger: Who doesn’t?

Suzanne Somers: Who doesn’t? I then envision the little bad guys in my GI tract going, “Come on, you can have some. Come on, give me some.” Because all they want is sugar. They need sugar. They thrive on sugar. They have to have sugar.

And I say to them, “No. I am going to starve you to death. My job is to stamp you out so I’m never giving you your happy meal. In fact, I’m going to flood you with fats, which eventually you’ll just have to die and go away.” And that is how I have chosen to get rid of my bacterial overgrowth. And it works.

Ty Bollinger: I love it.

Suzanne Somers: Yeah, yeah.

Ty Bollinger: I love it. It’s a great technique and I have heard that from many medical doctors on this journey. That if you hate your cancer, starve it. Don’t give it the sugar that it needs to thrive.



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