Can a High Fat Low Carb Diet Reduce Your Cancer Risk?

Video Transcript: Can a High Fat Low Carb Diet Reduce Your Cancer Risk?

Ty Bollinger: Some people still think that a low fat diet’s good… can you talk about the importance of good fats in keeping you healthy?

Dr. David Jockers: Yeah. Absolutely! Fats should really be the priority with our nutrition plan. The reason why, I say, is we have 75 trillion cells, and all the cells have a double fatty acid layer around every single cell in your body. And it’s extremely key. It’s called the cell membrane. It’s extremely key for hormonal responses, extremely key for just having good healthy hormone function, good healthy neurological function in your system.

The communication process between cells is dependent upon this outer ring of fat. And so we need the fats to help replace those. Also, on top of that, a low fat diet is going to prioritize carbohydrate. And a carbohydrate breaks down into sugar.

When your blood sugar is all over the place that really creates a breeding ground for opportunistic infections. For cancer growth like we’re going to talk about later; for all different types of issues. Utilizing good fats as your primary energy source helps your body produce something called ketones.

There’s a ketogenic diet and those ketones actually are a preferred fuel for your body and especially when it becomes, what we call, keto-adapted or fat-adapted. Where your body just becomes so good it preferentially uses these fatty acids, these ketone bodies. Your blood sugar stays extremely stable.

Quote by Dr. David Jockers about good fats in your diet.
That reduces inflammatory processes in your body. It helps you have better mental/emotional balance so you think more clearly, have better memory, everything in your life really improves because your sugar is stable. You don’t have these bumps, these ups and downs, the insulin surges. And so your emotions, again, are going to be more balanced, everything is going to be more balanced. Your body’s going to be able to handle and tolerate stress more effectively.

The hallmark of successful aging is being able to adapt effectively to stress. And so I think a high, good fat diet is really, really key for that. With these low fat diets they really don’t discriminate between good fats and bad fats. It’s just “take all the fats out.” They really typically don’t discriminate between types of carbohydrates, although sometimes they’ll tell you “go low glycemic” using a lot of whole grains, things like that.

Other people choose the high protein diets. But really protein and the carbohydrates both break down into sugar in your system and that stored sugar will stimulate higher levels of inflammation in your body. What we’re trying to do is really control inflammation and a high good fat diet really helps with that.


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