Don’t you know that you’re toxic

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Britney Spears Toxic

It’s January, the excesses of Christmas are sitting heavy on my mind and my hips and the new year puts me in a cleansing kind of mood. I wanted to understand more about toxicity, and my lovely friend, and detox specialist at CALA, Carolyne, was kind enough to let me grill her for all things toxic.

Where do toxins come from?

Toxins come from outside the body and inside the body.

External: Today’s environment is the most toxic in history. There are thousands of toxins in our environment and we are introduced to new chemicals every day. Toxins come from:

  • Food: processed foods, packaged foods, take-aways, ready meals
  • Agricultural: pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers
  • Pharmaceutical drugs: painkillers, antihistamines, antibiotics
  • Recreational drugs: alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine
  • Household cleaning products
  • Hygiene & beauty products
  • Dental restorations & products: e.g. mercury fillings
  • Clothing: synthetic materials
  • Water: pollutants in tap and bottled water
  • Heavy metals: mercury…

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