Adjuvants are pharmacological or immunological agents that modify the effect of other agents. The flu vaccine contains an attenuated or muted ‘heat-treated’ virus; supposedly not capable of infecting the system directly but sufficient to provide the RNA-DNA template to allow the immune system to combat the infection and thus provide future protection from such a virus overtaking the body.

Adjuvants are theoretically used to boost or jump start the immune system into building a robust anti-body response to the otherwise ‘harmless’ virus contained in the shot.


Squaline is now being used as a vaccine adjuvant in many countries – a variant of shark oil. A natural form of Squaline however runs throughout the human body. The nervous system & brain are laced with it, also the lubricant in our joints. When injected into deep muscle tissue via vaccine next to a deadly live virus & toxic heavy metals the immune system reacts to both intruders as hostile. It cannot distinguish between the ‘synthetic’ form of squaline and your own natural supply.

The end result: a potential for Cytokine Storm, complete system failure. Essentially the body begins instinctively attacking itself, leading to a host of auto-immune disorders including even death.

Soldiers were exposed to Squaline in test vaccines for Anthrax administered to them during the first phase of the Gulf War in Iraq.According to army records 685,000 vets have since contracted what is now commonly referred to as Gulf War Syndrome. Thousands have died from it.

SYMPTOMS: Hemorrhagic Fever, Birth Defects,Cysts on the Scalp, Lesions on the Brain, Heart & Lungs, Thyroid Cancer, Paralysis of the Stomach, Tourette’s Syndrome, Liver Damage, Crippling Arthritis, Blackouts, Chronic Fatigue, Inability to Concentrate, Respiratory Problems, Vertigo, Skin Rashes, Chronic Headaches, Allergies.

In early laboratory testing all oil adjuvants injected into rats were found toxic. All rats developed an MS-like disease that left them crippled, dragging their paralyzed hindquarters across their cages.

Squalene caused severe arthritis (3 on scale of 4). Squalene in humans at 10-20 ppb (parts per billion) lead to severe immune responses, such as autoimmune arthritis and lupus.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, preeminent vaccine researcher & author of ‘Emerging Viruses‘ has produced a damning affidavit accusing Government Agencies in collusion with leading vaccine manufacturers, media, real estate & financial moguls of attempted mass genocide via the flu vaccine campaign of 2009.

‘I am aware of substantial scientific evidence, some of which was attended by the United States Congress during its investigation into Gulf War Syndrome, thatsqualene adjuvant is implicated in poisoning masses of military personnel who received the anthrax vaccine.

Regarding the other principle ingredient in adjuvants, according to Dr. Andrus Brun Laursen, the amount of squalene in the Pandremix vaccine made by GlaxoSmithKlein is far more concentrated in the swine flu vaccine than in anthrax vaccine implicated in producing Gulf War Syndrome.’

It should also be noted that before the H1N1 fear campaign of 2009 squaline had never before been tested on children or pregnant women. Since its adventmultiple cases of miscarriages & Guillaine Barre Syndrome in addition to countless other adverse Auto Immune reactions have surfaced.

‘GSK’s proprietary adjuvant is called ASO4. It contains alum and MPL. MPL stands for monophosphoryl lipid A. The U.S. Army’s proprietary (unlicensed) adjuvant developed prior to the first Gulf War for use in a second generation anthrax vaccine was called Tri-Mix or Triple Mix. Tri-Mix contained MPL (monophosphoryl lipid A) and squalene. After the war, Army scientists considered MPL to be too toxic, so they began working with Chiron Corporation of Emeryville, CA to develop an adjuvant that contained squalene and water only … on the assumption that adjuvant toxicity with Tri-Mix was due to MPL. This assumption also proved incorrect. There are more than two dozen animal studies that generated data demonstrating squalene’s ability to induce autoimmunity; and there is disputed evidence that nanodoses of squalene in anthrax vaccine sickened countless military personnel who received squalene-tainted vaccine during AVIP.  MPL was also a component of the Ribi Adjuvant System. The Ribi Adjuvant System, or RAS, is a derivative of Tri-Mix, which is approved for use in animals only. There is no existing data showing whether MPL elicits an immune response specific to it. If MPL is immunogenic, it raises the possibility of a dangerous “cross reaction.” The human body is full of lipids. Antibodies and immune cells responding to MPL might also respond to other lipids in the body, thus breaking tolerance for endogenous lipids (those native to the human body) and initiating autoimmunity.’  Gary Matsumoto – Journalist/Author of Vaccine A

“Carcinogenicity – we have done no testing for the carcinogenicity of MF59 adjuvant or any of our vaccines.  We haven’t done it and we don’t plan to.”
Dr. Novicki, Scientist for Novartis, FDA-NIH Meeting, 12/2008 p.391


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